We are excited to offer customers in the Bryan/College Station a host of new services:

Network Setup and Optimization

Setting up a local area network in your home or small business can be a frustrating task. Let our team take that frustration away. An apt-get IT consultant will come to your location and discuss your networking needs. Our goal is to setup the network that meets or exceeds all of your goals with out any excess bloat.

We also offer network optimization consults. This service is geared toward households and businesses that already have a local network but are having performance issues. Our team will evaluate your current network and will make recommendations to solve the problems. Upon approval our team will perform the necessary tasks to get you back in business.


General Tech Support

We are your local tech support team! We have experts to help you with everything thing from home automation systems to laptops. Call us, we can help.

Computer Optimization, Maintenance, & Repair

We work on all computers utilizing all standard operating systems, Windows (all versions), Mac OSX and all distributions of Linux.

If your computer has gotten slow, freezes up, crashes to the “blue screen of death” or just is working like it used to, apt-get IT will everything we can to fix it. We will come to your location to evaluate the computer on the spot and try to fix it there if we can. If we are unable to resolve the problem onsite we will take the computer back to our shop and work to resolve the issues.

Routine maintenance is important for any computer, however it is often overlooked. We can walk you through what needs to be done to keep you computer running well, or if you prefer a more hands off approach we can perform the maintenance remotely.

If your computer won’t turn on at all, don’t give fret, we can recover your data. We may even be able to repair your computer and return it to a like new state. Call us for a consult.




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